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Working from your computer or smartphone is convenient, but it can also be distracting. Maintain productivity by installing effective Edge extensions.

One year ago, Microsoft re-released it’s Edge browser. The new Microsoft Edge is built on the same underlying technology as Google Chrome, the Chromium open-source browser project. It offers faster loading of websites, optimized performance, and an intuitive interface. It is simple to manage, comes with security and privacy controls you’d expect from Microsoft, and has many productivity and accessibility tools built right into the browser. As a result, it can help your team complete their daily tasks efficiently and effectively. 

However, Edge raises the same concern as other browsers – ample room for distractions. 

Your team members can easily switch to YouTube videos or social media, lowering their productivity. And it can often get out of hand, preventing your staff from meeting deadlines and reducing customer satisfaction. 

That said, you can help your employees get back on track and maintain productivity. All you need to do is incorporate practical extensions into your browser. 

Let’s run through the 10 best Microsoft Edge extensions that can help increase productivity in your business.


BlockSite can enable your team to stay focused by blocking harmful or distracting websites. This extension is perfect for team members who tend to drift away due to all the online activities that seek their attention. 

Examples of web pages you can block access to with BlockSite include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But if you don’t wish to block them completely, you can limit access to them during breaks. 

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the most widely used extensions for Chromium based browsers. More than 14 million users rely on it to remove most ads by preventing them from showing up on their screens. 

It can also help your team avoid malware-ridden ads, improving their experience in turn by increasing browsing speed.


Remembering your passwords can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, MYKI can provide an efficient solution. 

MYKI is an effective alternative to your browser’s built-in password manager, generating new passphrases whenever you log into a web page. 

In addition, the extension can synchronize passwords across various devices, providing easy access to accounts, credit cards, and form filling. 

OneNote Web Clipper

Although Edge has a convenient bookmark feature, OneNote might be even more powerful. You can use OneNote Web Clipper to save your internet content for later viewing within Microsoft OneNote.

This extension enables you to easily save your web content and transfer it to a OneNote notebook within your Microsoft 365 account. With just a couple of clicks, you can obtain images from any website, create summary links, save a distraction-free version of web pages, and make annotations. 


Another effective way to track your online content is through Pocket. This extension can also let you save articles, web pages, and videos for later use. 

Whenever you come across interesting content, hit your Pocket extension and you’ll automatically save it on all your devices. You’ll then be able to access it whenever you want, even if you’re offline. 


Momentum isn’t a standard extension. Rather, it’s a custom-made page to replace your default landing page. 

It has a robust, personalized dashboard with a beautiful scenic background, inspirational quotes, weather reports, widgets to favorite sites, and to-do lists. Therefore, it doesn’t just help enhance productivity – it can also motivate your team members to keep grinding. 

Clockify Time Tracker

Monitoring workplace performance is critical, and Clockify Time Tracker is the ideal extension for this. 

As the name suggests, it tracks time spent on specific activities. Your staff can later use the results to analyze their productivity levels and determine their weaknesses. 

The extension lets users schedule break intervals, operate in pre-set work periods, detect idle time, set reminders, and integrate with more than 50 business apps. 


If you want your team to stay away from distracting websites but don’t want to remove them altogether, StayFocused may be the answer. 

This extension can help your employees avoid distractions by limiting the time they can spend on them. 

What’s more, StayFocusd comes with a handy Nuclear Option. It sets the time during which your team can’t access certain websites. Once you activate this option, there’s no way to deactivate it until the time expires. 


The main purpose of Noisli is to enhance your team’s productivity. It allows you to select the sound combination your staff finds most inspiring. This can include falling rain, storms, wood noises, wind, crickets, fire crackling, and coffee shop chatter. 

Noisli can be particularly useful if your team works in open offices where background noises often cause distractions. 

Microsoft Editor

Editor provides grammar, spelling, and style suggestions across multiple sites, so you can confidently write clear, concise posts and emails.

Take Your Productivity to New Heights with Microsoft Edge

Streamlining office productivity isn’t just about providing your team with innovative computers and advanced software. The simple tools – like the web browser – need attention and optimization for you team to be effective. 

We’ve given you options for Microsoft Edge with this article. It’s now up to you to decide which ones work best for your company. Remember that by incorporating them into your business, your workforce should become more efficient. 

Give us a call if you want to find out other tips to help boost employee productivity. We can have a chat about it.

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